Applying policy as code in a modern, cloud-ready enterprise

Policy as code (PaC) is the practice of codifying the policies important to your organization into your development process for consistent application. Join Graeme Hay (Morgan Stanley) as he looks at the advantages, but also the practical challenges, of applying policy-as-code approaches in a modern, cloud-ready enterprise. 

In this session, you will learn about:

  • How Morgan Stanley draws on years of experience in its own proprietary implementation of PaC
  • GitOps as a method for applying PaC in modern software development and deployment
  • Enforcement of PaC best practices and compliance in the cloud
  • Steps for getting started with PaC

About the speaker

Graeme Hay Distinguished Engineer & Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

Graeme Hay is a Morgan Stanley Distinguished Engineer and Managing Director of the Firm’s Enterprise Compute and Storage Engineering team, responsible for Cloud/Devops, Kubernetes and Virtualization, Web/Platform as a Service, core compute, storage and critical infrastructure and Software Distribution.
Graeme has more than 25 years of experience in diverse global and functional IT roles at JPMorgan Chase and Computer Sciences Corporation including application operations and engineering, infrastructure services, grid computing, system engineering and strategic initiatives.