Beyond the network: Next-generation security and observability with eBPF

eBPF is becoming a sort of ‘lingua franca’ within the kernel. With eBPF, we can safely collect information from deep within applications, wherever they interact with the kernel.

In this session, Shaun Crampton (Tigera) explains how eBPF allows for insights into the behavior and security of the system without needing every process to be instrumented manually. Watch the recording to learn about:

  • Observability and security pre-eBPF
  • eBPF – Introduction, impact on observability, and impact on security
  • How eBPF enables a richer picture of what’s going on in your cluster, without changing your applications

About the speaker

Shaun Crampton Principal Engineer, Tigera

Shaun is a Distinguished Engineer at Tigera, working as a core developer on Project Calico. Before joining the Tigera team, Shaun worked on a number of Software Defined Networking products and cloud scale applications. He holds an MA in Mathematics with Computer Science from Cambridge University.