Building secure and observable Kubernetes platforms for scaled software delivery

Companies of various sizes are building their applications on Kubernetes because it provides significant operational benefits like autoscaling, self-healing, extensibility, and a declarative deployment style. However, the operational benefits are only a starting point down the path of building a secure and observable platform that enables continuous delivery of application workloads.

In this session, Mikhail Shapirov (Amazon) and Carmen Puccio (Amazon) show you how to:

  • Build a fully operational platform, leveraging platform-oriented building blocks to address network security and observability
  • Onboard teams delivering .Net, Java, and generic workloads

*While the speakers leverage Amazon EKS in their examples, the techniques and principles can be applied to any Kubernetes distribution, including self-managed.


About the speakers

Mikhail Shapirov PSA Containers, AWS

Mikhail is a Partner Solutions Architect at AWS, specializing in containers. Mikhail helps partners and customers drive their products and services on AWS, integrating with Amazon ECS, EKS and AWS App Mesh. He is also a software engineer.

Carmen Puccio Sr. Manager, Solutions Architecture, AWS

Carmen is a Sr. Manager, Solutions Architecture – Containers at AWS working within the APN Program and with container partners to help customers adopt container technologies as part of their modernization efforts. Before AWS, Carmen worked at The Associated Press for over 15 years and you can find him on Twitter at @CarmenAPuccio.