Calico/VPP: Unlocking performance and innovation for large-scale Kubernetes clusters

The Vector Packet Processor (VPP) is a high-performance, open-source userspace network data plane, developed under the umbrella, that supports many standard networking features and is easily extensible using plugins. Calico’s VPP data plane allows managing highly available and high-performance networking applications in Kubernetes, and offers support for network policy, encryption via WireGuard or IPsec, and MagLev service load balancing.

In this session, Jerome Tollet (Cisco Systems) will talk about VPP and how to unlock performance and innovation for large-scale Kubernetes clusters using Calico’s VPP data plane.

Watch the recording to learn about:

  • VPP – Overview and benefits
  • Calico VPP differentiating features deep dive
  • Three use cases for Calico VPP
  • Project status and upcoming features

About the speaker

Jerome Tollet Distinguished Engineer & CTO for VPP Team, Cisco Systems

Jerome is Distinguished Engineer working in the Cisco Security Business Group (SBG) with a specific focus on high performance cloud networking & security. He has extensive experience of computer systems, clouds and network architectures, and strong technical expertise gained from more than 20 years designing and implementing networking solutions. He holds multiple patents. Before joining Cisco, Jerome was the founder & CTO of Qosmos. He has been participating and contributing to the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), ETSI Industry Specification Group on NFV, IETF Service Function Chaining (SFC) Working Group and various open source initiatives including, OpenStack, Calico and OVS. Jerome is a frequent speaker at international conferences.