Ensuring adequate security, observability, and compliance for microservices-driven cloud-native applications

Containers, microservices, and cloud-based applications have revolutionized the way companies build and deliver products globally. This has also changed the attack surface and requires very different security strategies and tools to avoid exposure of sensitive information and other cyber attacks. Regulatory compliance has also evolved, making it even more important for companies to adapt to this new paradigm.

In this session, Saikat Maiti (Salesforce) and Amit Gupta (Tigera) delve into the details around how security and compliance have evolved to address this new paradigm. Watch the recording to understand what has worked well and what has not over the last few years of deploying security-as-code solutions in a DevOps and Kubernetes-centric environment.


About the speakers

Saikat Maiti Sr. Director, Information Security, Salesforce

Saikat Maiti is the Sr. Director for Information Security at Salesforce focusing on ensuring secure Salesforce deployments at its top 50 customers . Saikat has been a CISO at many new age cloud native companies. He was Head of Infosec and IT at Upstart Network and has also setup security for Personal Capital, and Varian Medical Systems He has also been a consulting Practice Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). He has built a variety of new age Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning models to enhance security and is known for deploying low cost, cloud provider leveraged security capabilities to better secure cloud infrastructure.

Amit Gupta VP Business Development & Product Management, Tigera

Amit is responsible for the strategy and vision of Tigera’s products and leading the delivery of our roadmap. He is a hands-on product executive with deep expertise building software products and services across various domains including cloud security, cloud-native applications, public and private cloud infrastructure. Amit was most recently VP of Product at CloudPassage where he led the evolution of CloudPassage to one of the most comprehensive cloud security solutions for both cloud-native applications and legacy environments. Prior to CloudPassage, Amit has had various product leadership roles at VMware, Cisco, Ensim (acquired by Ingram Micro). He has an MBA from Haas School of Business and B. Tech in Mech. Engineering from IIT Kanpur.