Exploring intrusion detection techniques in cloud-native environments

As more production workloads migrate to the cloud, the need for intrusion detection systems (IDS) has grown to meet compliance and security needs. With the amount of workloads in individual clusters growing, IDS needs to be efficient in order to conserve shared resources.

In this session, Garwood Pang (Tigera) explores various intrusion detection techniques for cloud-native environments. Watch the recording to learn about:

  • Specific techniques you can use to defend against threats
  • Methods for implementing web application firewalls and packet inspection engines (selector based detection, service redirection, use of canary workloads)
  • Best practices for context-aware logging and monitoring
  • How to scale intrusion detection in your cloud-native environment

About the speaker

Garwood Pang Sr. Security Researcher, Tigera

Garwood Pang is a Sr. Security Researcher at Tigera, where he works on analyzing emerging threats and finding solutions to detect them. His role extends to driving Tigera’s security effort for their products and infrastructure. Prior to his role at Tigera, Garwood worked on researching vulnerabilities in industrial control and embedded systems.