Service mesh, observability, and beyond

Congratulations! You’re now cloud native with microservices. No more legacy monoliths. However, troubleshooting takes time, debugging is difficult, and security is scary. How can you scale your organization without losing an understanding of your environment?

In this session, Sheetal Joshi (Amazon) dives into service mesh and observability in the context of this question. Watch the recording to learn about:

  • Service mesh key concepts
  • Service mesh challenges
  • Service mesh best practices

About the speaker

Sheetal Joshi Developer Advocate, AWS

Sheetal Joshi is a Developer Advocate at AWS, Containers organization focusing on containers, container orchestration and Kubernetes. She is currently focusing on simplifying onboarding, adoption and operational experience for Service Mesh and Networking within the EKS team. Sheetal brings in a lot of experience architecting, designing, building, deploying, owning, managing, and maintaining enterprise scale distributed applications for HP, Cisco, Riverbed, and Moogsoft. In the past, she has pioneered multiple projects in the areas of application modernization, service availability and visibility, stream analytics, configuration management, event management, network function virtualization and SD-WAN. She takes a lot of pride in helping customers through their cloud journey.