Threats targeting Kubernetes and how to defend against them

Attackers are continuously evolving their techniques to target Kubernetes, and are actively using Kubernetes and Docker functionality to compromise, gain required privileges, and add backdoor entry to container clusters. SOC teams need new Kubernetes-native security and observability tools to protect against external threat actors.

In this session, Manoj Ahuje (Tigera) talks about threat actors’ evolving capabilities and explains how to defend your Kubernetes environment against them. Watch the recording to learn about:

  • Adversary behavior
  • Threat actors targeting Kubernetes
  • Primary security threats to Kubernetes environments
  • Best practices to secure your clusters against attacks

About the speaker

Manoj Ahuje Sr. Threat Intelligence Research Engineer, Tigera

Manoj Ahuje is a Sr. Threat Intelligence Research Engineer at Tigera, where he closely monitors trends in the cloud security industry, with a specific focus on threats targeting Kubernetes environments. Manoj has extensive experience in vulnerability analysis, exploit development and malware reverse engineering.