Upgrading DevSecOps with compliance automation

Compliance automation is a commonly overlooked area of Kubernetes observability. How do you automate compliance to a security framework that isn’t well understood by DevSecOps teams to begin with? This lack of understanding contributes to mismanaged compliance efforts and, worst-case scenario, audit exposures and organizational risk.

If you’re part of a DevSecOps team and would like to better understand how to incorporate compliance automation alongside security automation, this session is for you. Watch the recording to learn how to:

  1. Map compliance controls to specific Kubernetes technical configuration
  2. Automate the assessment of those controls
  3. Visualize the assessment results

About the speaker

Bryan Langston Director Of Architecture, Mirantis

Bryan Langston has been with Mirantis for six years and has held Senior Architect, management and product management roles. He leads security initiatives for Mirantis’ most security-conscious customers. Prior to joining Mirantis, Bryan worked at IBM Research for 17 years where he built a Linux supercomputer for web-scale crawling, indexing and mining, and led multiple first-of-a-kind projects in the cloud computing space.