Secure, observe, and troubleshoot multi-cluster, multi-cloud, and hybrid Kubernetes environments

Dynamic Service Graph

  • Have a topographic view showing how workloads within the cluster are communicating – across which namespaces, services, and deployments.
  • Get metadata on the ports, protocols, evaluate network policies to understand how end-to-end communication is occurring.
  • Facilitate cross-team collaboration and design for downstream dependencies to manage the scale of your cluster by defining layers, filter resources and save views.

Dynamic Packet Capture

  • Leverage a Kubernetes-native, automated, and simplified way to generate packet captures for your deployments.
  • Utilize the same label-based approach for targeting workloads in network policies to identify single or multiple workload endpoints for capturing live traffic.
  • Enforce RBAC controls with PacketCapture to enable a self-service model for development teams.

Application Layer Observability

  • Address two of the most common service mesh use cases – observability and security with valuable metadata and metrics.
    • Source and destination namespace
    • Average and maximum duration
    • URL
    • Response code
    • User agent
    • Method and status code (e.g., HTTP)
    • Bytes sent and received
    • Source and destination type (pod, networkset, etc.)
    • Request and response latency
  • Secure with high-performance data-in-transit encryption using WireGuard.
  • Achieve parity with L3/4 visibility in terms of the visibility and metrics for Layer 7.

DNS Dashboard

  • Quickly confirm or eliminate DNS as the root cause for microservice and application connectivity issues.
  • View the total number of DNS queries and replies, Classify and view DNS codes by service.
  • Classify queries and replies by record type, Filter on troubleshooting scenarios.

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