Best practices: Using access controls for containerized workload protection

Learn best practices to granularly control workload access between Kubernetes clusters and external resources.

Proper access controls are essential requirements for the successful and secure deployment of containerized workloads. Rolling out an application without appropriate access controls can expose the business to multiple risks that include:

  • Unauthorized access to applications and data
  • Exposure of sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Non-compliance with corporate and industry regulations
  • Potential introduction of malware and ransomware

Workload access control is a network security technique that enables security teams to control the flow of data between individual pods in Kubernetes clusters and external resources thus implementing robust policies for cloud workload protection.

Learn how to enable secure access from containerized workload to:

  • Sensitive workloads like databases and highly regulated applications
  • SaaS services like, Zuora, Twilio, and others
  • Other workloads deployed in a different cloud or Kubernetes distribution
  • Workloads deployed in the same cluster

Download our best practices guide to learn about common approaches to implement workload access to protect containerized workloads.

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