Calico Networking on OpenShift

Calico and OpenShift help create network policies for a cluster. With Kubernetes network policies, you can specify the network traffic that you want to allow or block to and from a pod within a cluster. To set more advanced network policies such as blocking inbound (ingress) traffic to network load balancer (NLB) services, use Calico network policies.

Calico provides solutions for advanced pod connectivity use cases required in the real world:

  • Zone-based architectures and selective addressing to namespaces or pods
  • Allows advanced network configurations leveraging standard approaches used in the internet (and loved by network engineers)
  • Scales easily from small clusters to very large configurations
  • Calico provides operational simplicity by automating most controls under the covers, but giving advanced cluster operators the ability to tune if necessary

This webinar will focus on Calico networking overview on OpenShift. The agenda for the webinar will be as follows:

  • Introduction to Calico networking
  • Why Calico?
  • Calico architecture
  • Calico data paths
  • Use cases

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