Calico Cloud - Starter

Calico Cloud

Pay as you go SaaS Platform for Kubernetes Security and Observability


Thanks for selecting the Starter Package! With the starter package, you get egress access controls, enterprise security, and compliance, basic observability for Kubernetes with 100GB Log Storage, and Standard support.

Package includes the following:

Minimum # of nodes: 10*

Egress Access Controls

- DNS Policy

- Egress Gateway

- AWS Security Group Integration

Enterprise Security Controls

- Hierarchical Tiers

- Policy Management & Automation

- Encryption

- Audit Logs

Observability and Troubleshooting

- Network flow log data

- Network policy metrics

- Flow Visualizer

- Log data retention ( in weeks ): 1

Unified Control: Multi-Cluster and Multi-Cloud

- Multi-cluster management

Support: Standard

*You will be charged for the remaining days of the month with a minimum of 10 nodes

* Overage will be billed in upcoming month