Calico Enterprise Free Trial – Pick your journey

Calico Enterprise solves several common roadblocks to enterprise adoption of Kubernetes.

Use Case Exercises

Restrict pod access to resources outside of your Kubernetes cluster

Troubleshoot your microservices to quickly avoid and resolve connectivity issues

Enforce and report on enterprise security controls required for compliance

Pick your journey – select from a hosted sandbox environment or deploy applications in your own Kubernetes environment.


Hosted Calico Enterprise in a managed Kubernetes cluster sandbox environment.


Hosted Calico Enterprise installation in your own Kubernetes Cluster.

Sandbox Trial – Hosted

This is a hands-on sandbox environment with guided labs that walk you through key concepts and capabilities.


  • A Calico Enterprise sandbox with a Kubernetes cluster on the platform of your choice.
  • Simulated network traffic with deployed apps.
  • Access to the UI, Terminal, and one node to run kubectl and lab commands.

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Calico Enterprise Trial – Installation

This is a hosted trial installation. Choose this option if you want to download and deploy Calico Enterprise with applications in your own Kubernetes cluster.


  • A pre-production cluster on Kubeadm, Rancher, or Amazon EKS.
  • Public internet access to download the images and install scripts.
  • Apps running to generate network traffic within the cluster.

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