Calico Enterprise Features

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Calico Multicluster Management

Centralized management plane for network security across multi-cluster and multi-cloud environments

Calico Egress Gateway

Integrate microservices with firewalls and monitoring systems by assigning a fixed egress IP to any Kubernetes namespace

Egress Access Controls

DNS-based policy for fine-grained access control between a pod and external services

Flow Log Visualizer

Deep network visibility into all ingress, egress, and pod-to-pod network traffic with interactive troubleshooting tools

Policy Recommendation

Auto-generate security policies based on the existing traffic patterns within your cluster

Staged Policies

Report on traffic that would have been allowed or denied by a policy without enforcing its rule

Intrusion Detection

Detect, alert, and block advanced persistent threats and active attacks against your applications

Policy Tiering

Enable privileged users to define security policies that take precedence over other user’s policies

Compliance Controls and Reporting

Implement compliance controls in your cluster, generate audit reports, alert on non-compliance

Calico Enterprise Use Cases

Egress Access Controls

Securely connect to services outside your cluster
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Visibility and Troubleshooting

Identify and resolve Kubernetes connectivity issues
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Enterprise Security Controls

Implement and report on security controls required for compliance
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Extend Firewalls to Kubernetes

Use existing firewalls to implement policies in Kubernetes
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Zero Trust Network Security

Workload authorization, authentication, least privileges, and defense in depth
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Intrusion Detection (IDS)

Behavioral monitoring, alerting, and quarantine of compromised workloads
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Host Microsegmentation

Segment traffic across hosts and host/container environments

Self-Service Network Security

Enable teams to safely deploy their own policies using automated policy-as-code


Isolate tenants and provide self-service access to all Calico Enterprise features

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