Calico Essentials

Design and Operate a Scalable Production Kubernetes Cluster on Project Calico


Accelerate Your Kubernetes Journey

If you are a pioneer who is adopting Kubernetes and navigating your way from a lab environment to full production, Tigera can help you accelerate your journey with Calico Essentials.

The Kubernetes journey is typically completed as several milestones over time. For some, this can take a year, others may take several years. The journey often looks something like this.

Multi Stage Kubernetes Journey

At each stage of the journey, you make architectural and implementation decisions. If you choose the wrong path, you may find yourself re-architecting later. You may also face people who block you for a variety of reasons through this journey. You will need to discover methods and tools to overcome those blockades.

Tigera is also a pioneer. We invented Project Calico, which scales to the limits of Kubernetes, and is running arguably the largest Kubernetes clusters on the planet. We are the industry experts on Kubernetes networking and network security and are uniquely positioned to advise and guide you throughout each stage of your journey.

With Calico Essentials, you get a partner and the resources you need to successfully champion Kubernetes within your enterprise.

Design Workshops

Calico Essentials Design Workshops provide architectural advice and consulting services.

We have the expertise to help you build the most scalable design early in your Kubernetes journey, to avoid scalability and performance issues down the road. If you need help with your production environment, we can help there too.

Our workshops are designed to span each stage of your Kubernetes journey, from your first lab environment to your full production multi-tenant cluster.

Read the Calico Essentials Data Sheet for details about our available workshops.


Tigera provides virtual instructor-led training to support all stages of your Kubernetes journey.

Topics include introductory and advanced courses on Kubernetes, Kubernetes Networking, and Calico.

For more details about our training and courses, check out our Calico Essentials data sheet.

Enterprise Support for Calico

With Calico Essentials, you get an assigned technical account manager who is invested in your success across each stage of the Kubernetes journey.

Enterprise support includes email, web, and phone support for Project Calico with response SLAs. You will also gain access to the Tigera knowledge base and accelerated patches and security fixes for the last 12 months of long-term support releases.

Additional details are available in our Calico Essentials Support Policy.

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