Continuous Compliance

Meet compliance requirements and simplify audits with continuous compliance

Continuous Compliance is Necessary When Your Workloads Are Dynamic

Kubernetes workloads are short-lived and their IP addresses are constantly changing. What’s compliant now may not have been compliant a few minutes ago, and it’s hard to prove that. Continuous Compliance is the only way to prove your security controls are being enforced properly.

Define Security Controls

Most companies have documented Security Controls that must be followed for internal and external compliance requirements.

With Calico Enterprise, you can implement your security controls as Kubernetes Network Policies. A change history is retained for each control that can be audited and used to provide evidence that your controls have been enforced now and historically.

Realtime Monitoring and Alerting

Tigera monitors and logs the Kubernetes configuration and network and alerts on any non-compliant configuration or connection attempt.

Evidence Reports

Calico Enterprise generates evidence reports that can be shared with your auditor to provide proof of compliance.

Evidence reports demonstrate the configuration compliance over time as well as the compliance of your network for in-scope workloads.

Calico Enterprise evidence reports can be used to report compliance for PCI DSS, SOC2, ISO 27001 and internal compliance frameworks.

Tiered Security Controls

Calico Enterprise enables Security Controls to be defined within the cluster as Network Policies that cannot be overridden by others deploying their own Network Policies.

Policy Tiering enables the Security Controls to be setup once and used as compliance guardrails for the DevOps teams that deploy their own Network Policies.

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