The importance of modularity and multiple data planes

Technologies come, and technologies go. (Sadly, we’re not all riding Segways to work!) But what if we could future proof technologies to ensure their longevity?

Calico was designed with change in mind and is adaptable, supporting multiple data plane technologies with different goals.

In this session, Chris Tomkins (Tigera) will talk about the importance of software modularity and multiple data planes. Watch the recording to learn about:

  • Benefits of software extensibility and modularity
  • The impact of switching data planes in a live cluster
  • How Calico was designed with data plane adaptability in mind
  • Existing data planes supported by Calico, and their use cases

About the speaker

Chris Tomkins Developer Advocate, Tigera

Chris Tomkins is a Developer Advocate at Tigera, where he champions user needs to support Project Calico’s users and contributor community. He has well over a decade of experience specifying, automating, and supporting complex IT infrastructures. Chris is a proponent of infrastructure-as-code approaches and large-scale automation.