Calico Documentation

We’ve organized our documentation into sections for our open-source and commercial offerings, as well as some commonly used resources. Please use the navigation below to find the content that matters to you

Calico Open Source

Documentation for the open-source Kubernetes networking and security solution. Covers everything you need to know about Calico Open Source, from Getting Started to technical deep dives.

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Calico Cloud

Documentation for you to sign-up and connect your Kubernetes cluster with Calico Cloud in minutes for building egress access controls, microsegmentation, observability, enterprise security, and compliance.

Calico Cloud is managed cloud service for Kubernetes security and observability with a pay-as-you-go or an annual SaaS subscription.

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API Reference

Interact with your Calico Enterprise deployment programmatically using our REST API, coming soon to Calico Open Source.

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Calico Enterprise

Documentation for the Calico Enterprise to get your Calico journey started with use case.

Calico Enterprise is a self-managed platform for Kubernetes security and observability, hosted on-premises or in the public cloud.

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Additional Resources