Calico Product Editions

Container and Kubernetes security and observability for multi-cluster, multi-cloud, and hybrid deployments

Product Editions

Calico Open Source

Open-source networking and security for containers and Kubernetes, powering 1.5M+ nodes daily across 166 countries

Calico Cloud

Managed cloud service for container, Kubernetes, and cloud security and observability, offered as a pay-as-you-go SaaS or an annual subscription

Calico Enterprise

Self-managed security and observability platform for containers, Kubernetes, and cloud, hosted by the organization on-premises or in the public cloud

Deployment Model

Calico Open Source

Calico Open Source is a networking and security solution for containers, virtual machines, and native host-based workloads that was born out of Project Calico.

Calico Open Source combines flexible networking capabilities with run-anywhere security enforcement to provide a solution with native Linux kernel performance and true cloud-native scalability.

Calico Cloud

Calico Cloud is a pay-as-you-go security and observability SaaS platform for containers, Kubernetes, and cloud, hosted by Tigera. Organizations looking to avoid upfront investment and a long deployment process to bring Kubernetes-native security and observability to their environments can get started with Calico Cloud and scale according to their needs.

Calico Enterprise

Calico Enterprise is a self-managed security and observability platform for containers, Kubernetes, and cloud that works across hybrid or multi-cloud configurations for any container, any Kubernetes distribution, any VM, or bare metal. Calico Enterprise meets the needs of organizations that are looking for a Kubernetes-native security and observability platform for their Kubernetes environment on-premises or public cloud.

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High-performance scalable pod networking
Advanced IP address management
Direct infrastructure peering without the overlay
eBPF Dataplane
Windows Dataplane
Dual ToR Peering
Security policy enforcement
Data-in-transit encryption
Hierarchical tiers
FQDN / DNS based policy
Microsegmentation across Host/VMs/Containers
Security policy preview, staging, and recommendation
Compliance reporting & alerts
Intrusion detection & prevention (IDS / IPS) for Kubernetes
SIEM Integrations
Dynamic Service Graph
Application Layer Observability
Dynamic Packet Capture
DNS Dashboards
Flow visualizer
Multi cluster, multi-cloud & hybrid cloud networking
Support and Maintenance
Support and Maintenance

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