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Calico Enterprise

Enterprise Network Security and Compliance Reporting

Project Calico

Free Open Source Networking and Network Security

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Calico Enterprise Solution Architecture

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Calico Enterprise solves security requirements from your first application to mass-scale production.

Egress Access Controls

Securely connect to services outside your cluster
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Visibility and Troubleshooting

Identify and resolve Kubernetes connectivity issues
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Enterprise Security Controls

Implement and report on security controls required for compliance
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Calico Calico Enterprise
High performance scalable pod networking
Advanced IP Address Management
Kubernetes network policy
Advanced network policies
L7 rules in policy integrated with Istio/Envoy
Direct infrastructure peering without overlay
Hierarchical network policy
FQDN / DNS based network policy
Rich graphical user interface
Network visualization and troubleshooting
Network policy recommendations
Network policy preview and staging
RBAC controls with audit trail & continuous compliance
Monitoring with alerting on security violations
Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for Kubernetes
Multi cluster, Multi-cloud & Hybrid Cloud networking

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