What is Project Calico?

Project Calico is an open-source project with an active development and user community. Calico Open Source was born out of this project and has grown to be the most widely adopted solution for container networking and security, powering 2M+ nodes daily across 166 countries.

10000 +
Slack channel members
200 +
15000000 +
Nodes powered by Calico every day
10000 +
Slack channel members
200 +
15000000 +
Nodes powered by Calico every day

Wall of Fame

Logo IBM

We deploy Calico Opensource in all our managed Kubernetes and Openshift clusters for both policy and for pod networking.


We (SIGHUP) use Calico as the default CNI for the open-source Kubernetes Fury Distribution.

Logo FD.io

We integrate Calico with the FD.io/VPP data plane to provide optimal performance for Containerized Networking Functions.

Logo VMware

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid supports Calico open-source as a CNI option, where it provides reliable pod network connectivity and security.

We have been using Calico in our Openstack clusters. By peering directly with the network infrastructure using BGP, our customers can benefit from ECMP load balancing, path redundancy, and in the future, advanced features like gslb/ IP anycast.

We are currently developing our Release-2 roadmap, and are focused on integrating Project Calico into our Managed Elastic Kubernetes Service (mEKS) product.

We recommend Calico as the default networking and security solution for customers using the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform. No one should run Kubernetes without Calico networking and security.

It’s extremely helpful to know what endpoints your services are talking to. We have a much-improved security posture.

We were able to achieve EU GDPR compliance and securely deploy 20 new cloud-native applications.

We are using Calico as a consumer in our K8s.

We are using Calico for managed AKS clusters.

We are using Calico for Kubernetes network policies.

Where does Calico fit?

Why use Calico?

Data plane choice

eBPF, standard Linux, and Windows data planes


Work with non-Kubernetes workloads

Optimized performance

Built to go faster with lower CPU consumption, to help you get the best possible performance from your investments in clusters

Operate at scale

Lock in step scalability with Kubernetes clusters without sacrificing performance

Granular access controls

Rich network and security policy model for secure communication and WireGuard encryption

Full Kubernetes network policy support

Work with the original reference implementation of Kubernetes network policy

Active community

Leverage the innovation provided by 200+ contributors from a broad range of companies

How can I get involved?

Here are some recommendations for getting involved with Project Calico. There are many paths though—the only hard rule on getting involved is that we all aim to be excellent to each other and you need to read and follow our Code of Conduct. You can and should expect to see others following it, too.


Sign up to become a member of our ambassador program, Calico Big Cats, and get a chance to share your experience with other users in the community.

Already have experience contributing to open-source software? Get involved!

Put a date in your calendar

Come along to our next Calico Community Meeting! It’s a great way to get involved and be productive.

Find a good first issue

We label some GitHub issues as good first issues if you want to get familiar and productive quickly. Why not give one a look?

Help make Calico better

Is there something that’s always bothered you? Chat with us, raise an issue, and then get your hands dirty.

Join us in Slack

The Calico Users Slack group is a great place to connect with other contributors and Calico developers.

Getting into open-source software for the first time?
Get updates and support!

Get updates

We’re in the usual places! Get yourself plugged in and start filling your tanks with knowledge.

Put a date in your calendar

Come along to our next Calico Community Meeting! It’s fine to just listen in.

Report an issue

If you know of a bug or have an idea, browse the open issues and consider opening a new one. Who knows, you might end up helping to fix it!

Help contribute to our docs

We’re pretty proud of our docs, but nothing’s perfect. Reporting docs issues is a great way to help and gain understanding.

Getting started

Calico Editions

Calico Open Source

Open-source networking and security for containers and Kubernetes, powering 2M+ nodes daily across 166 countries.

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Calico Cloud

Fully managed pay-as-you-go SaaS for active security for cloud-native applications running on containers, Kubernetes, and cloud. Also offered as an annual subscription.

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Calico Enterprise

Self-managed, active Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) with full-stack observability for containers, Kubernetes, and cloud. Hosted by the organization on-premises or in the public cloud.

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