Create a multi-cluster mesh with Calico to operate Kubernetes at scale

This guide details an operationally simple solution for creating a multi-cluster Kubernetes environment for high availability, disaster recovery, shared services, isolation, and migration use cases

Networking, Security & Observability for multi-cluster Kubernetes environments

The usage of Kubernetes, especially at leading-edge organizations operating at scale, has crossed the single-cluster threshold. Organizations are building and deploying services across multiple clusters for high availability, disaster recovery, application isolation, compliance, latency concerns, staged migration, and multi-tenancy reasons.

This paper details how you can use Calico to create a Kubernetes cluster mesh to enable:

  • High availability for data/AI/ML as a service deployed across multiple clusters
  • Compliance
  • Phased upgrade and migration (rolling, blue/green, canary deployments)

Benefits of using Calico for your multi-cluster needs:

  • No additional management plane required
  • Sidecar-less data plane with Envoy as a daemonset
  • Multi-cluster federation across hybrid and multi-cloud
  • Multi-cluster observability from network to application layer
  • Blazing-fast encryption
  • Industry‚Äôs most advanced zero-trust security policy engine

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