Calico enables zero-trust security and policy automation at scale in a multi-cluster environment for Box

Kubernetes, in itself, comes with constant change. Calico’s multi-cluster management gave Box the required capabilities to solve the security, observability, and compliance challenges we faced as a multi-cloud company that runs over 1,000 nodes.

Box provides a cloud-first SaaS that helps over 68% of Fortune 500 businesses manage their entire content lifecycle. As one of the earliest Kubernetes adopters, Box began using Kubernetes long before managed Kubernetes services from public cloud providers were available.

The company’s Kubernetes infrastructure team operates a shared Kubernetes infrastructure for containers, with a multi-cluster service architecture for its application development and SaaS platform.

However, this service model faced a number of security, observability, and compliance challenges. To overcome these challenges, Box had four major goals:

  1. Enforce a zero-trust posture for all workloads
  2. Gain visibility into all workload and policy communications
  3. Automate multi-cluster security policy creation and management
  4. Ensure continuous compliance with regional regulatory requirements

Using Calico, Box overcame the challenges it faced and achieved all four goals, and more.

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