Calico enforces zero-trust security for Upwork’s newly migrated containerized applications on Amazon EKS

Before Kubernetes and Calico, our legacy system could not enforce zero-trust security. Thanks to Calico, we have a secure EKS cluster with a reduced attack surface.

Upwork is the world’s work marketplace, helping connect companies large and small with top independent talent from around the world, creating economic opportunities so people have better lives.

The Upwork platform team wanted to use a distributed architecture from the application layer to the networking layer by migrating to Kubernetes on AWS EKS.

The switch to Kubernetes meant Upwork’s containers needed to adhere to cloud-native requirements, including resiliency and security measures. The company’s InfoSec team also mandated the cloud engineering team to implement zero-trust security to ensure the platform, services, and application were fully protected.

Upwork deployed Calico in two weeks and secured its containerized applications and EKS clusters within six months. Calico helped Upwork meet the InfoSec team’s zero-trust security mandate and accelerate application rollouts after migrating to Kubernetes on AWS. Learn more by reading the case study.