Calico at Docker Edinburgh

On Thursday I gave a short talk at the Docker Edinburgh meetup. Docker Edinburgh has only been going for a few months, but it’s clear that there’s a lot of interest in Docker, and numbers are steadily growing, with just over 40 attendees, and plenty of excitement about deploying docker. The meeting was held at CodeBase, with beer and pizza generously provided by Edinburgh-based Cloudsoft, who are the company behind Clocker, providing the capability to run Docker in a range of Cloud environments.

With many of the audience relatively new to Docker networking, my presentation covered the basic ideas of Project Calico, the advantages of a simple, robust L3 networking model especially in highly scaled systems, and an introduction to how to download it all and get involved. Apart from my own presentation, pictured here, and with slides available on speakerdeck, Andrew Kennedy from Cloudsoft gave a demonstration of Clocker working with third party networking providers (in this case he showed Weave, but Clocker now also supports Calico, as of the latest 0.8.0 release).

Many thanks to the organisers for making it all possible, to Cloudsoft for providing the room and the beer and pizza, and to all the attendees for an enjoyable and informative evening.

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