Egress Gateway

Assign fixed IP addresses to identify and manage egress traffic from Kubernetes workloads to external destinations.

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Seamlessly integrate Kubernetes workloads with security tools, firewalls and legacy applications

Assign fixed egress IP

Establish egress points with fixed IP address for traffic leaving a pod to prevent exposing entire IP CIDRs of nodes

Integrate with security tools

Leverage traditional security tools such as firewalls that require static IPs. Eliminate the need to continually update IP addresses

Improve security posture

Apply defense-in-depth principles for traffic leaving the cluster with accurate network identity

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Create Static IP for Egress Traffic

Assign a fixed, routable IP address to traffic from a Kubernetes pod or namespace. Consistently identify the source traffic in a dynamic network environment.

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Integrate with Security Tools

Extend and enforce IP address based security controls to Kubernetes workloads. Enables traditional network security tools to control egress traffic, eliminating the need for a service mesh.

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Destination-Based Routing for Egress Traffic

Use Calico policies to specify which egress gateways to use for specific destinations, instead of relying on the source of the traffic. This allows you to have more flexibility and control when deploying egress gateways.

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High-Availability(HA) and Load-Balancing

Use redundant egress gateways to ensure high availability and enable load balancing to distribute traffic evenly across egress gateway deployments.

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Maintain Critical Workload Uptime

Minimize risk of outages by continuously monitoring the health of egress gateways with health check probes. Reduce downtime during upgrades with operator-based deployment for egress gateway.

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Support Multiple External Networks

Simplify network operations when you have multiple external networks by enabling workloads from different namespaces in a Kubernetes cluster to egress to different external networks, even if the networks have overlapping IP addresses.

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Microsoft Azure and AWS Marketplace Ready

Getting started with Calico and AWS or Microsoft Azure is easy. Everything you need to get up and running is available on AWS marketplace and Azure marketplace.

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Rafay recommends Calico as the default networking and security solution for customers using the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform. No one should run Kubernetes without Calico networking and security.
Mohan Atreya
Senior VP of Product and Solutions,
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