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Tigera and Red Hat have partnered to deliver active security to prevent, detect and mitigate security risks for containerized workloads running in OpenShift.


Calico helps Red Hat Openshift users protect their containerized workloads and Openshift cluster by reducing attack surface, detect known and zero-day threats, mitigate risks and achieve continuous compliance. Users can apply zero-trust workload security for a strong security posture out of the box, enforce consistent security policies during runtime, and have real-time visualization of workload communication across Windows and Linux servers hosting Kubernetes clusters.


Plug-and-play active security platform that actively prevents, detects, and mitigates security breaches in Windows or Linux container-based applications

Reduce Attack Surface

Reduce the attack surface area of the Openshift cluster with zero-trust workload access controls and recommended security policies out of the box

Detect Known and Zero-Day Threats

Find and assess container and network-based security attacks with signature-based and anomaly-based detection

Mitigate Exposure Risks

Visualize security gaps within the Openshift cluster and build policies to prevent lateral movement of threats

Key Features

Quick Start

Tigera Operator installs and manages Project Calico and Calico Enterprise for OpenShift Container Platform environments.

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Zero-Trust Security for Red Hat OpenShift With Calico

Secure Kubernetes cluster and containerized workloads with Calico.
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Reference Guide

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