Red Hat OpenShift

Tigera and Red Hat have partnered to deliver an integrated security and observability solution that provides protection and compliance for container and Kubernetes workloads


Red Hat and Tigera help organizations build security into their container and Kubernetes environments by monitoring, analyzing, and controlling network traffic. Certified with Red Hat OpenShift, Calico Enterprise helps you successfully operate, optimize, and protect critical containerized applications across cloud environments.


Extend Your Security Capabilities

Protect applications via existing firewalls, least-privilege security, and interpod traffic encryption

Gain Network Visibility

Access network flows to debug connectivity, threat hunt, and automate compliance reporting

Ensure Compliance

Monitor application compliance and deliver real-time alerts for non-compliant workloads


The Kubernetes-native architecture of Calico Enterprise embeds the solution into your application environment to provide detailed security controls and improved visibility between the network and microservices layers.

  • Integrates with your existing security tools, environments, and security operations centers (SOCs) to provide additional controls and capabilities for modern workloads
  • Empowers developers to innovate and ship faster with the leading hybrid and multi-cloud container platform, while providing fine-grained security and compliance controls to protect Kubernetes workloads
  • Improves application and workload security across development, test, and production environments with access controls, zero trust networking, traffic observability, threat detection and defense, and automated compliance audit reports
  • Results in improved application responsiveness, less down time, and increased optimization of cloud and on-premises IT infrastructure
  • Tigera‚Äôs Red Hat certified operator makes it easy to install, manage, and upgrade Calico as the CNI in your OpenShift clusters

Get Started

Tigera Operator installs and manages Project Calico and Calico Enterprise for OpenShift Container Platform environments



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