Tigera partners

Working together to provide Kubernetes security and observability

Cloud providers

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Provide AWS users with Kubernetes security and observability on EKS, EKS Distros, and self-managed Kubernetes on EC2

Microsoft Azure

Modernize applications with a single security and observability solution for Linux and Windows environments, including AKS


Cloud-native security and observability across GKE and Kubernetes deployed on GCP

Technology partners

Red Hat

Enterprise security, observability, and networking for OpenShift applications


IBM embeds Calico Open Source in their Kubernetes service (IKS) to provide networking and security for IBM cloud offerings


Extend Fortinet network and security architecture to Kubernetes with Calico


Networking and security platform for Rancher Kubernetes


Kubernetes networking, security, and observability for Mirantis Container Cloud and Kubernetes Engine


Calico Open Source as the default networking and security module for Karbon

Channel partners


Delivering digital outcomes & modernizing IT infrastructure


Enables business transformation through a continuum of IT expertise, services, and solutions


Helps to adopt cloud-native technologies to make its customers' infrastructure robust and scalable

OSC Korea

A digital transformation consulting company with expertise in open-source based microservices architecture, DevOps, CI/CD consulting and deployment


Integrates enterprise-class, performance-driven open source solutions to help run business better and succeed in the rapidly evolving digital environment

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