Microsoft Azure and AKS Security

Tigera and Microsoft Azure together deliver active security with full-stack observability to secure Linux and Windows containers and Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure and AKS.


Calico helps Microsoft Azure and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) users protect their heterogeneous workload environments and Kubernetes, detect threats and achieve continuous compliance. Users can apply a standard set of zero-trust workload access controls, enforce consistent security policies, and have real-time visualization of workload communication across Windows and Linux servers hosting Kubernetes clusters.


Plug-and-play active security platform that actively prevents, detects, and mitigates security breaches in Windows or Linux container-based applications

Prevent Attacks

Protect containerized workloads running on Microsoft Azure or AKS with zero-trust workload security controls

Detect Threats

Detect known and zero-day threats for hosts and network-based attacks in a single platform

Mitigate Risk

Deploy security policies in seconds to limit the blast radius in case of an attack

Key Features

Quick Start

Developers and administrators who want to author, stage, preview and enforce security-policy enforcement to Microsoft Azure or AKS clusters can get started with Calico Cloud in just a few minutes.

Featured Resources

Developer-created resources to help you secure your Kubernetes deployment in Microsoft Azure or AKS


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Securing Windows workloads on Azure Kubernetes Service with Calico.
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Joint Events

Learn how Discover secured its global, multi-cluster, hybrid cloud deployment with Calico.
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