Amazon Web Services and EKS

Tigera and AWS work together to provide active security for cloud-native applications on Amazon EKS and self-managed Kubernetes on AWS EC2.


Calico enables cloud users in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to protect their containers and Kubernetes workloads, detect threats, and achieve continuous compliance. Users can deploy zero-trust workload security, enforce consistent security policies, and see a live visualization of applications and microservices communications.

Calico Cloud works with default AWS VPC CNI in addition to Calico CNI. Tigera provides AWS-specific integration, such as AWS Control Tower, an AWS Bottlerocket, and AWS quickstarts.


Plug-and-play container security platform that actively prevents, detects, and mitigates security breaches in container-based applications

Reduce Attack Surface

Enforce workload access controls to secure all external and in-cluster communication

Detect & Stop Attacks

Detect and block known and zero-day threats in your containers and network during runtime

Actively Mitigate Risks

Deploy recommended security controls to mitigate exposure risks

Key Features

Quick Start

Developers and administrators who want to secure their containers and Kubernetes in Amazon EKS or Amazon EC2 clusters can get started with Calico Cloud in just a few minutes.

Featured Resources

Developer-created resources to help you secure your Kubernetes deployment


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Reference Deployment Architecture

Achieve higher availability, compliance, and more in a multi-cluster Kubernetes environment using Calico.
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Learn how Discover secured its global, multi-cluster, hybrid cloud deployment with Calico.
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