Prometheus Monitoring

Prometheus Monitoring

Prometheus’s open-source monitoring and alerting toolkit is designed specifically for containers and microservices. Prometheus monitoring enables you to configure real-time notifications and run flexible queries, and can be used to gain visibility into your containerized workloads, APIs, and other distributed services and applications. Furthermore, Prometheus assists with cloud-native security by detecting irregular traffic or activity that could potentially escalate into an attack.

For more information about Prometheus monitoring, read our detailed guides:

1. Prometheus for Kubernetes: An In-Depth Look

Learn the pros and cons of Prometheus monitoring for Kubernetes, how Prometheus works, deploying Prometheus on Kubernetes, and important best practices.


2. Prometheus Metrics: A Practical Guide to Types, Uses, Functions, Exporters, and More

Learn about Prometheus metrics types, using metrics in common use cases, understanding function and operators, and how to work with exporters.

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