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Cloud native applications are driving fundamental change in infrastructure and Tigera is helping to make that change happen. Join us in solving the connectivity and security challenges that arise in at-scale production.

The Tigera Team

We want you to feel that Tigera is the best job that you ever had and the best place you’ve ever worked. We are passionate about this and will work hard to earn your trust. We will strive to improve every single day on this front.

Our Vision

To elevate Security to be a Business-Enabler

Our Mission

To help our customers by building Zero-Trust Network Security & Continuous Compliance Solutions for Kubernetes Platforms

Our Team’s Core Values

Our customer is the hero of our story

The purpose of our business is to make our customers successful. We strive for a deep understanding of our customer’s business problem and what success looks like from their point of view by listening with deep humility. Our job doesn’t end when we sell them a product – it begins at that point. We will do everything in our power to help them realize value from our product. We will find our own success through this mindset and derive joy from delighting customers.

We aim high and are nimble in how we get there

We set lofty goals based on where we aspire to be and then stretch our thinking to achieve them. We derive joy from bringing these ideas to life by using our creativity and autonomy to solve hard problems. We believe that excellence is defined by building early momentum while learning and adapting rapidly at each step of the journey. Using this nimble approach, we will derive the fundamentals that are necessary to design for scale.

Our success relies on continuous learning

We love to learn, create and build. We experience a state of Flow when engaged in these pursuits while gaining mastery over our craft. We are fearless in jumping into new areas and learning. We are trailblazers and take risks, and accept that failure is part of the learning process. We bring a beginners mind-set to every project and our goal is to discover our unique approach to solving problems through rapid iterative experimentation and learning.

We respect, support, and collaborate with each other

We believe that building a great and enduring business is a team sport. We believe that the output from a team with diverse and different views and backgrounds is far greater than possible from any individual. We succeed as a team by respecting each other with open minds and compassion while leveraging each other’s strengths. We derive joy from the magical energy unleashed from working for a cause bigger than our ego and from a sense of deep connection with teammates.

Our Perks

  • Monthly Wellness Allowance and Commuter Stipend

  • Weekly free lunches

  • Work anniversaries recognition gifts

  • Ping pong, pool table, video games

  • Weekly engineering show & tell (with choice of beer on tap!)

  • All the top-tier benefits, salary, and stock options you would expect

  • Weekly, Quarterly & Annual recognition awards

  • Extensive professional development and onboarding program

  • Flexible time off and parental leave policy

  • Quarterly Team events

  • Birthday celebrations

  • Happy hours

What Our Teammates Are Saying


“ We focus a lot on strategy and for being as lean as we are- we are highly effective. Our customers really enjoy working with us, our partners are very supportive of our growth. It’s just an exciting time and a great team to be working with.

Though we are focused and hard working, we really enjoy the work that we’re doing and have fun with the people we’re working with. Honestly every meeting leaves me motivated to keep pushing and driving results. Our E-team is amazing. They are the most compassionate leaders I’ve ever worked with. ”


Ashley Crow, Sales Development Representative-SDR

What Our Teammates Are Saying


“ For me, working at Tigera is an opportunity you may only get once or twice in a career, if at all. The market around Kubernetes and containers is maybe the hottest space in tech right now, and Tigera is right in the heart of some of the most cutting-edge deployments. The core values of the company are centered around teamwork, agility, continuous improvement, and focus on the customer – and these aren’t platitudes, they are ingrained in everything we do and make our work environment a vibrant, fast-paced, transparent, politics-free place. Most importantly, my co-workers are all a pleasure to work with, they are smart, nice, fun, and all really care about the work they are doing. It’s a rocket ship of a ride! ”


Michael Kopp, Director of Demand Generation

What Our Teammates Are Saying


“ Fearlessness, expectation plus support have pushed me to explore, learn and achieve here at Tigera. Setting and achieving lofty goals is made possible by the intrinsic motivation that is emulated through the team and is created by our cutting edge tech. From little to no tech/security background, I am now able to hold my own in deep technical conversations and provide key insights. Tigera has launched me into an amazing new chapter of work and life. ”


Madison Roberts, Sales Development Representative-SDR

What Our Teammates Are Saying


“ I really like that Tigera is doing something that I care about, which is network security. There are all these breaches that you hear about, and that bothers me. I like being able to work on software that can help companies defend against attacks and keep all our personal data more secure. ”


Spike Curtis, Sr. Software Engineer

What Our Teammates Are Saying


“ The Leadership Team is impressive and keeps me believing in what we as a company are working towards. Great benefits & work/life balance, respectful and approachable Exec Staff and impressive Sales leaders! ”


Erica Parker, Senior Events and Field Marketing Manager

What Our Teammates Are Saying


“ Tigera’s greatest asset is its people. They’re awesome – I can rely on them to do a great job and to support and help me to do a great job too. When inevitably mistakes occur, people own them, and the team learns from them, taking action to make that mistake harder to hit next time. Continuous Improvement (in our people, processes, and software) is very much a real thing here. ”


Lance Robson, Software Engineer

What Our Teammates Are Saying


“ Working at Tigera has provided me with many opportunities to experiment and learn. In Kubernetes’ fast-paced ecosystem, there’s a new challenge to solve every day, and Tigera’s talented team is always ready to solve it! ”


Casey Davenport, Sr. Software Engineer

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