Identity-Aware Microsegmentation

Implement workload isolation and prevent lateral movement of threats with workload-based microsegmentation.

Use case demonstration: Microsegmentation


Segment workloads based on application tiers, compliance, and access. Prevent lateral movement of threats in the cluster

Workload Isolation

Restrict access to workloads to prevent unauthorized lateral movement

Eliminate Lateral Movement in the Cluster

Stop attackers from searching for high-value assets

Instant Threat Response and Mitigation

Enforce security policy changes in milliseconds for instant threat responses

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Dynamic Segmentation

Segmentation based on workload metadata such as pod name, namespace, node, labels, and annotations.

The use of labels ensures that new workloads are segmented automatically upon deployment.

Segmentation Granularity

Enforce workload-level, environment-based, or application-tier segmentation for containers, Kubernetes, VMs, and more in test and in production.

Implement segmentation to comply with industry or custom regulatory frameworks.

Policy Creation and Enforcement

Create, stage, preview, deploy, and manage granular, zero-trust security policies at the workload level.

Enforce hierarchical policy tiers and get real-time policy evaluations.

Policy Recommendations

Single-click solution to generate policies and isolate workloads at the namespace level.

Fast-track microsegmentation without the need to inspect and analyze workload interactions. Jumpstart security policy creation and microsegmentation for first-time application deployments.

Scalability and High Performance

Eliminate centralized congestion points associated with legacy workload microsegmentation approaches that can impact performance with Calico’s cloud-native distributed architecture.

Securely deploy new workloads to environments with tens of thousands of servers, and be online in milliseconds instead of taking days.

Available on Microsoft Azure and AWS Marketplace

Get started right away on Azure or AWS—every Calico component you need to get up and running is ready to go.

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Rafay provides Calico to customers by default. Without Calico, our customers would need to go through a lengthy and invasive process of re-provisioning their clusters in order to enforce granular networking and security and flexible IPAM for multi-tenant clusters.
Mohan Atreya
Senior VP of Product and Solutions,
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