High Availability for Kubernetes

Minimize service downtime using dual top-of-rack (ToR) peering to establish redundant, active-active network paths for critical applications.



Peer with infrastructure outside of the cluster using BGP and integrate it with dual ToR switches for high availability and connectivity

Prevent Service Downtime

Active-active redundant connectivity between cluster nodes and ToR switches

Achieve Business Resiliency

Establish high availability and communicate over ToR without admin intervention

Accelerate Configuration Changes

Eliminate complex, manual processes by automating configuration of BGP peering

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Dual ToR Peering

Provide a redundant path between Kubernetes clusters without downtime using two active, independent planes of connectivity between cluster nodes when a dual plane cluster is connected to a dual ToR switch.

Automate the process of bootstrapping and configuring BGP peering between cluster nodes and ToR switches.

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Within three months of deploying Calico Enterprise we were able to securely deploy 20 new cloud-native applications, which helped us scale Aldagi’s services. We currently have a cluster of 8 nodes and intend to twice in size within a year, with plans to implement AWS EKS soon. This is possible thanks to Calico Enterprise.
Vasili Grigolaia
Vice President of Engineering,
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