High-availability Kubernetes for dual ToR cloud-native applications

Calico Enterprise dual top-of-rack (ToR) peering provides a redundant, active-active network path for business-critical cluster applications, such as streaming and AI/ML applications, to minimize service downtime


On-premises cloud-native application platform owners using Kubernetes want to leverage Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to peer with other infrastructure. Calico peers with infrastructure outside of the Kubernetes cluster using BGP, and integrates with the cluster using dual ToR switches to provide connectivity and high availability.


Prevent service downtime

Ensure an active-active redundant connectivity between cluster nodes and ToR switches

Ensure high availability

Kubernetes cluster nodes can still communicate over ToR without administrative interventions required

Automate peering configuration

Eliminate a complex, time-consuming manual process, and reduce operator overhead by automating the bootstrapping and configuration of BGP peering between cluster nodes and ToR switches

Key Features

Dual ToR peering provides a redundant path for communication between Kubernetes clusters without downtime. Calico:

  • Provides two active, independent planes of connectivity between cluster nodes when a dual plane cluster is connected to a dual ToR switch
  • Automates the process of bootstrapping and configuring BGP peering between cluster nodes and ToR switches before Kubernetes networking is started and the Calico BGP daemon (BIRD) takes over

How It Works


Learn how dual ToR switches operate seamlessly and provide high availability for cloud-native applications in Kubernetes clusters



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