Observability and Troubleshooting

Get visibility into workload communication. Identify and resolve security gaps and policy violations.

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Real-time view of traffic flows within and outside Kubernetes clusters to understand service dependencies, view policy enforcement, and more

Visibility into Workload Communication

A runtime view of in-cluster activities, from the network to the application layer

Identify Security and Access Control Gaps

See all allowed access to Kubernetes objects and associated security policies

Faster Troubleshooting

Built-in troubleshooting tools to help you identify and quickly resolve issues

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Dynamic Service and Threat Graph

A point-to-point, graph-based visualization of traffic flow and associated workload security policies in the cluster and across namespaces.

Filter resources to understand individual and collective interaction of workloads, save custom views, and share pre-built views. Stage security policy implementation and enforcement on real-time traffic.

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Application-Level Observability

Detect anomalous behaviors at the application layer and achieve regulatory compliance.

Centralized and complete view of service-to-service traffic in the cluster. A single pane of glass for all application-layer traffic, broken down by service, response code, performance metrics, application-level data. Matched with networking-level data by default.

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DNS Dashboards

Accelerate DNS-related troubleshooting and resolution in Kubernetes environments with exclusive DNS metrics.

Quickly confirm or eliminate DNS as the root cause for microservice and application connectivity issues. Custom dashboards eliminate manual, time-consuming data introspection and correlation.

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Dynamic Packet Capture

Self-service, on-demand workload and endpoint troubleshooting with packet capture.

Customize packet capture to specific traffic requirements and time intervals while restricting access to specific namespaces and endpoints based on RBAC. Create and share a packet capture jobs library to reuse, collaborate, and distribute job responsibilities.

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Runtime View of Vulnerabilities

Get a quick security risk assessment based on existing vulnerabilities present in your Kubernetes cluster.

Detect and be alerted of suspicious network and container activity.

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Available on Microsoft Azure and AWS Marketplace

Get started right away on Azure or AWS—every Calico component you need to get up and running is ready to go.

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Tigera helped Box enforce zero-trust security, observability, and compliance for our shared, multi-cluster Kubernetes infrastructure.
Tapas Mohapatra
Sr. Manager, Site Reliability Engineering, Cloud & Kubernetes,
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