Delivering secure application connectivity for the cloud native world

What we do

Tigera is the leading provider of secure application connectivity for the cloud native world.

Modern applications are built as a dynamically orchestrated, distributed mesh of containerized microservices, deployed in elastic private and public cloud infrastructure.

This “cloud native” evolution drives exponential growth in application connectivity, along with new security requirements, that poses challenges for developers, operations and security teams alike.  Legacy infrastructure designed for static VMs is crumbling under the load of these dynamic modern applications. Organizations need application-centric dynamic network infrastructure that they can trust that bridges from legacy applications to multi cloud. They need operational simplicity that aligns controls with existing organizational processes and compliance requirements.

Tigera’s flagship secure application connectivity offering, Tigera CNX, addresses these challenges.

Tigera’s solutions are trusted by many of the world’s largest enterprises and public cloud operators including AWS, Box, Github, Google, IBM, Verizon and Yahoo! Japan.


The Tigera Team

The Tigera team brings together some of the world’s leading experts in distributed systems, networking, software engineering and modern application development. We are cloud natives. We live, breathe, eat and sleep containers, Kubernetes, application connectivity and the open community.

Yes, we are forward-thinking, idealistic visionaries. But we are also experienced, pragmatic practitioners who understand that for our customers, technology revolutions usually happen in the real world of legacy systems and incremental migrations.

The Tigera Mission

Tigera is building a future where applications are built on modern infrastructure: automated orchestration of a mesh of containerized microservices, simply yet securely connected across public and private clouds.

In this cloud-native future, developers easily create scalable, secure and reliable applications. And operations teams achieve unprecedented agility, visibility and control.