Tigera is a Fortinet Fabric-Ready technology partner. With this partnership, Fortinet customers can extend their existing network security architecture to their containers and Kubernetes environments.



Fortinet and Tigera have partnered to deliver active security solution for containers and Kubernetes. As Kubernetes adoption in enterprises accelerates, organizations want to extend their existing perimeter based security architecture into the containerized workloads and Kubernetes environment. Instead of maintaining two disparate security platforms that introduces additional complexity and manual processes, Tigera and Fortinet provide Fortimanager and Fortigate better visibility into east-west traffic for workload-level security.


Calico allows you to maintain the same workload access controls in place by using the IP address of the microservices at a particular moment in time. These IPs are pushed to the FortiGate devices, which are then updated to ensure that the firewall rules stay valid

Secure Your Environment

Ensure traditional firewall rules stay valid for Kubernetes environment

Enforce Zone-Based Security

Extend existing operational workflows with legacy firewalls

Achieve Defense In Depth

Retain Fortinet investment and enforce defense-in-depth perimeter security for Kubernetes cluster

Key Features

Quick Start

The Calico and Fortinet integration workflow lets you control egress traffic leaving the Kubernetes cluster, by allowing you to create perimeter firewall policies in FortiManager and FortiGate that reference Kubernetes workloads.

Featured Resources

Developer-created resources to help you secure your Kubernetes deployment with Fortinet


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Achieving EU GDPR Compliance

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