Customer Success Center

Resources to accelerate your implementation of zero trust security for cloud-native applications

Companies have limited time and resources to architect, design and implement security for cloud-native applications within tight timelines. This can increase their vulnerability to attacks as they modernize their applications. Our Customer Success consultants have worked with some of the largest companies in the world to design an active security solution for all stages of their application lifecycle including build, deploy and run. By leveraging this experience, we have developed a framework and a playbook to help you secure your cloud-native applications.

Our Customer Success offerings include professional services, education, and support.

Professional Services

Services to help you design and architect a scalable and future-proof security solution and accelerate the deployment of zero-trust use cases such as microsegmentation, runtime threat defense and observability.

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Develop critical security skills through our online self-paced and instructor-led training courses and workshops.

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Our technical support team helps our global customers in resolving technical issues so that your cloud-native applications remain secure at all times.

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Accelerating success through services

We offer a range of service options, ranging from implementation and onboarding services to security and use-case based workshops. Our services are designed to help you implement a world-class container security solution while enabling your team to be self-sufficient in using and managing our solution. The graphic below shows how our services complement our product to offer a complete security solution to you.

Service catalog and corresponding data sheets

Onboarding Services

Get started with securing your containers and Kubernetes with 5 days of professional services.
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Get started with Calico Enterprise and Calico Cloud to address your custom security and observability requirements with 10 days of professional services.
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Identity-aware microsegmentation
Learn about a functional framework for finding and fixing security gaps, policy implementations, and compliance misconfigurations.
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Compliance and Audit
Learn how to simplify compliance monitoring, enforcement, and audit for PCI, SOC2, GDPR, or custom frameworks.
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Cluster Mesh
Learn how to deploy Calico clustermesh for security, observability, and networking in multi-cluster environments.
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Observability and Troubleshooting
Learn how to identify and resolve security gaps, performance and connectivity issues, and security policy violations.
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Egress Controls for Kubernetes Workloads
Design and deploy Calico Egress Gateway to extend workload identity beyond Kubernetes clusters for security and networking.
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Enabling self-sufficiency through education

The rollout of new tools are often slowed down by a lack of knowledge. That’s why we offer a full range of learning solutions ranging from instructor-led courses to online self-paced workshops and certification courses to meet the learning requirements of all our users.

Learning catalog

Networking Training
For customers who want to hands-on, foundational knowledge in networking for containers and Kubernetes with Calico.
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Security and Observability
For customers who want practical knowledge in security and observability for containers and Kubernetes with Calico.
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Free Certification
For customers who want expertise in Kubernetes networking, security, and observability.
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Expert technical support 24/7

Customers have round-the-clock access to our team of technical experts to assist with their deployments and technical issues. Our support offering includes our Help Center—a growing library of technical content that addresses common issues. Access any of our expert technical support at any time of day, from anywhere in the world.

Technical support catalog

Product Documentation
Complete documentation for Calico Open Source, Calico Cloud, and Calico Enterprise.
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Resource Center
Whitepapers, Technical Videos, Blogs, Case studies, and more.
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Help Center
A one-stop shop for debugging, troubleshooting, and resolving technical issues.
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Contact Support
For upgrades, questions, partnerships, and immediate expert support.
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