Calico at Docker Randstad

Until starting to work as a developer on Project Calico, I’d never really been aware of how pervasive meetups in the tech industry had become. Most meetups follow a fairly similar format – a group of people with a shared interest get together regularly, usually every month, to hear talks and to chat about their interest. Attending a technical meetup sounds like it could be just a way of making the working day too long, but in fact the meetup groups I’ve attended in the Docker space have been lively, interesting, even fun. Perhaps it’s the ubiquitous beer, or perhaps it’s being in a room full of like-minded people who are only there because they are really interested, not because they feel they need to be there.

On Thursday evening I made the trip over to Docker Randstad’s birthday event in Amsterdam, where I gave a lightning talk on Calico (see my foils below – in summary that Calico is the simplest and most natural way to network a Docker environment, a message that I think we are getting across quite widely now). I do want to flag this as one of the most lively meetups I’ve been to, with a really fantastic friendly atmosphere, lively talks, and a very animated audience drawn from all around the Netherlands and beyond. If you are anywhere nearby, it’s well worth dropping in, but be careful of the dangerous combination of over strong Dutch beer and high speed cyclists!

Thanks again to all those who organised it, and all who attended.


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