ClearScale Secures its Client’s EKS Clusters with Tigera Calico

An AWS premier consulting partner, ClearScale offers a complete range of cloud services including strategy, design, implementation and management. They recently engaged with a security-conscious client to implement Kubernetes in AWS.

ClearScale explains the client’s concerns: “With a very large customer base, the need to migrate to the Cloud was overshadowed by the fact that the client absolutely required the security of customer data to be better than what they had previously.”

ClearScale and the client decided to use the recently-launched Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), but realized that “traditional tools readily available in AWS for developers to use and enact security protocols did not extend to AWS EKS”.

To achieve the required levels of security,

ClearScale chose to leverage [Tigera Calico’s] Network Policy Engine feature because it allowed network isolation and segmentation inside of the Kubernetes clusters.

For more details of how ClearScale successfully implemented Kubernetes with Tigera Calico and other third-party technologies, read the full case study.


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