CoreOS London Meetup report

I had the pleasure of presenting Calico to the CoreOS London March meetup last night. This is a monthly meetup which, this time, was hosted at Qubit in Soho.


It was a friendly and knowledgable audience of CoreOS and Docker enthusiasts and I presented the basic concepts of Calico and then ran through a demo of our latest Docker prototype.

We’ve used Powerstrip and etcd to create a Calico controller/orchestrator for Docker. With this I showed how we can easily to create and network several containers on multiple hosts using both IPv4 and IPv6. I then demonstrated how Calico security groups can be used to control which containers can communicate with each other (and which are not allowed to communicate).


My slides are on speakerdeck and you can run through the Docker demo yourself by following the instructions on github.

I apologise that we had to cut short some of the questions, so if anyone reading this has more they’d like to ask, please feel free to get in touch through our mailing list or directly by emailing neil at

Following my presentation, Luke Bond gave an interesting pitch on PAZ, an open source continuous deployment production environment built on Docker, CoreOS, etcd and fleet. It felt like Calico could be a good fit to provide a networking model for PAZ, so I’ll be looking into this some more over the next few weeks.

Thanks to Fintan for organising the evening and both Qubit and Softlayer for sponsoring.

PS. If anyone would like us to speak at their event, we’re always interested.  We’ve got developers in London, Cambridge, Edinburgh and San Francisco, but can always go further afield!

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