Join Karthik at OpenStack Summit Boston

Here at Project Calico we’re excited to provide a simple, scalable, and secure networking fabric across OpenStack and Kubernetes, and to have the chance to present not one, but two great talks on networking at this year’s OpenStack Summit Boston.

If you’re attending the summit, be sure to join Karthik Prabhakar, Tigera’s Director of Solution Architecture, next Tuesday and Wednesday:

Tuesday, May 9th, 4:40pm – 5:20pm

Kubernetes Networking for ‘Stackers: Getting Packets from Pod to Pod


Anyone joining the wonderful world of Kubernetes networking from OpenStack will confront new terminology and networking/policy concepts that are different from OpenStack’s equivalents. Terms like services, pods, CNI, Ingress, Internal vs. External Load Balancing, service proxy’s, namespaces, labels, selectors, policy, etc. can be distinctly different to OpenStack or Neutron artifacts like ML2, L3-agent, security groups, metadata proxy, integration bridges and other OpenStack or Neutron artifacts.

This session demystifies these concepts to those entering the world of Kubernetes networking from the land of OpenStack. We’ll start with a big picture map of where the different Kubernetes network abstractions are, and how they interact with each other. Followed by a walkthrough of potential routes through that map (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) to ensure simple, yet scalable deployments. Along the way, we’ll provide insight into why these design choices were made in Kubernetes, and the benefits to developers, users and architects.

Time permitting, we’ll prove that despite great power, Kubernetes networking can be as easy as pie, with a live walkthrough of deploying a multi-node Kubernetes cluster, with powerful networking, in under 5 minutes (Demo Gods willing, of course).
Wednesday, May 10th, 4:30pm – 5:10pm

Common Networking Operations Across Kubernetes and OpenStack​ with Calico

with Canonical and AT&T

Join this session to discover how you can use a common, fully Open Source networking layer across both OpenStack and Kubernetes to deliver robust and scalable networkng to your containers and VMs.

Developers love the flexibility and speed of development and operations that containers promise.Yet as many discover as they push into production; real live implementations require solid and scaleable underlying infrastructure, especially networking. In this session we will show how Calico with its pure layer 3 approach to software defined networking offers a simple solution that spans both OpenStack and Kubernetes helping you manage your networking in a consist way.

You can learn more about the OpenStack Summit Boston here, or register for the Summit here. You can also find the latest on Karthik’s sessions here.

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