Mesos 1.0 – Now with Calico CNI

Congratulations to the Mesos community on the official release of Mesos 1.0! This marks an enormous milestone for the Mesos community. The Calico team is very excited about some of the new features included in this release.

Container Network Interface (CNI)

Mesos 1.0 introduces support for the Container Network Interface (CNI). This pluggable networking interface brings all kinds of great networking options to Mesos, including Calico which supports CNI out-of-the-box. This is a huge step for both pluggable networking and IP-per-container in Mesos, and makes adding Calico as easy as dropping a few files on each Agent. To coincide with Mesos 1.0 release, we’ve revamped our Mesos documentation. See our Mesos CNI Installation Guide for information on how to get started.

We look forward to wider adoption of CNI and IP-per-container in the Mesos ecosystem, especially frameworks, such as Marathon which will soon be releasing the ability to set the CNI network for tasks at launch.

Unified Containerizer

Mesos 1.0 also sees the first official release of the Unified Containerizer, which brings powerful enhancements to the Mesos Containerizer, enabling it to run docker images natively. Because the Unified Containerizer triggers CNI networking hooks, Calico-CNI can be used to network Unified Containerizer Docker tasks!

What’s Next

At Mesoscon 2016 in Denver, Calico demonstrated an early prerelease of Mesos network policy using labels. At the time, this required modifications and a custom build of Mesos so that task metadata could be passed to the CNI plugin. Since then, we’ve contributed this code upstream to Mesos, and are excited to see it included in Mesos 1.0. This means that label based policy with Calico is supported in Mesos 1.0! We’re hard at work and nearing completion of enhancements to our calicoctl command line tool which allows configuration of policy as seen in that demo. So stay tuned for more announcements of demos, guides, and features surrounding Calico networking in Mesos!

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