New Series: Cloud Native, Microservices, Security, & Scale

Today I came across an advertisement for the Nutanix special edition book, “Enterprise Cloud for Dummies.” Of course, I couldn’t turn down a free book, so I immediately filled in my information to receive my complimentary copy (and I’m sure an awesome conversation via phone later).

But it does highlight one of the greatest challenges we’re facing today — moving away from the monolithic enterprise infrastructure and architectural model to a model that both shares similarities, and yet at the same time seems quite inverse.

A model that was designed to be more agile, more scalable, and more secure. A model that was designed to not only allow for innovation, but encourage it. A model designed for redundancies and resiliency.

But what exactly is this new paradigm, and what does it mean to be “Cloud-Native?” More importantly, how can we design microservices without running back into the same downfalls or challenges we faced with SOA — after all, as Sam Newman says in his book, you might just say “Microservices is SOA done right.”

And what does this all mean for security and scalability? Afterall, surely the introduction of hundreds to thousands of mini, nano, or microservices has to create a significant increase in complexity — not to mention a plethora of security concerns.

How can we manage governance, how do we increase transparency and efficiency — at the same time as increasing autonomy?

And how can we ensure our microservices can scale while enforcing policies on a constantly changing model (spoiler alert — it involves Project Calico).

Because in the end, Cloud-Native, Microservices, Security, and Scale are hard things… and even harder when transitioning from legacy technologies and models.

But don’t worry, in this new series we’ll take a look at each of these- and more! We’ll navigate the world of Cloud-Native, building and deploying Microservices, Containerization and tools like Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, DC/OS, Docker, Rkt, Rancher, OpenStack, and others. And we’ll finish with a good hard look at not just scaling and building resilient systems, but ensuring they’re secure all the way from the firewall to the container level (of course your applications should be secure too — but that’s a different series).

With that please enjoy, comment on, and share the first Project Calico Blog series: “Cloud Native, Microservices, Security, & Scale.”


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