Project Calico 2.6 Released!!!


We’re excited to announce Calico version 2.6. This release features:

  • The industry’s first implementation of the new NetworkPolicy selectors and rules introduced in Kubernetes v1.8
  • The v1.0.0 release of the Calico policy, workload endpoint, and profile controllers for Kubernetes
» Support for Kubernetes 1.8 NetworkPolicy ipBlock and Egress Rules
Kubernetes 1.8 introduces two new beta features to the NetworkPolicy API which allow you to specify egress rules as well as reference blocks of IP addresses in your ingress and egress rules.Calico v2.6.0 supports these new features out of the box. See the Kubernetes v1.8 documentation on NetworkPolicy and the Kubernetes release notes for more information on how to use these new features.
» The kube-policy-controller is Now Named kube-controllers and Promoted to v1.0
Calico v2.6.0 renames the calico/kube-policy-controller to calico/kube-controllers. This change coincides with the first release of the new golang port of the policy, profile, and workload endpoint controllers which have been promoted to v1.0.0. As a result all Calico core runtime components are now implemented in Go. While the component remains functionally the same, the name change helps to clarify that this component does more than just control Kubernetes network policy—it controls workload endpoint labels and profiles as well.
» Numerous Stability Enhancements
There are numerous updates and patches included in Calico v2.6.0, improving overall reliability and stability.  You can find a full list of bug fixes in the release notes.

View the full list as well as specific updates to individual components in the 2.6 Release Notes.

What do you think about these new features?
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