Tigera Calico Integrated with Platform 9 for Scalability, Easy Troubleshooting and Micro-segmentation

The awesome cloud native folks over at Platform 9 have integrated Tigera Calico into their product. Platform9 offers a SaaS-based managed Kubernetes solution that is infrastructure agnostic, working across public clouds, including AWS, and on-premises server infrastructure.

In this video interview, Madhura Maskasky, Platform 9 co-founder & VP Product, explains why Calico is so popular:

In the Kubernetes ecosystem, Calico is one of the most popularly used networking plugins, with a lot of enterprises using it at scale.

What makes Calico popular? I believe there are three important characteristics of Calico that let it stand out: The first one is scalability. Because Calico uses IP networking, using BGP, it is fundamentally easy to scale. It’s also designed with a distributed scalable architecture. The second one is debuggability. Again, because it uses IP it’s very easy to debug, which is a very important aspect. And the third one is support for micro-segmentation, so Calico makes it possible for administrators or end users to define networking policies between containers so you can control which part talks to which other part, which is very important in the security world.


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