What’s new in Calico 3.16

We’re very excited to announce Calico v3.16.0! This release includes the eBPF dataplane going GA, the addition of Windows support for Kubernetes, and BGP communities support. In addition, this release includes a lot of other features and bug fixes. Thank you to all of the contributors to this release! For detailed release notes please go here. Below are some highlights from the release.

eBPF now generally available

We introduced tech-preview support for the eBPF dataplane in Calico v3.13. The eBPF dataplane has several advantages over the Linux networking dataplane including: higher throughput, lower CPU usage, and native Kubernetes services support. With Calico v3.16, eBPF support is now GA! Check out the guide to try it out.

Calico for Windows

Calico for Windows is open-source! Calico for Windows supports Kubernetes networking using VXLAN and enforces network policy for Windows workloads. Try out our quickstart guide to get a Calico for Windows cluster up and running!

BGP Community Advertisement

Calico now supports BGP communities! Check out the BGP configuration resource reference for more details. We’ve also added custom BGP port configuration.

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