What’s New in Calico v3.7

We are very excited to announce Calico v3.7. Here are some highlights from the release.

Native support for VXLAN encapsulation

Calico now includes native support for encapsulating traffic between workloads using VXLAN, in addition to existing support for IP in IP encapsulation.

While IP in IP is slightly more efficient in terms of encapsulation overhead, there are some networks that do not allow IP in IP traffic, for example, Azure and DigitalOcean. VXLAN support in Calico means you can now use Calico to network workloads in these environments.

For more information, see the Calico documentation.

Optimized denial-of-service protection for host endpoints using XDP

Calico now automatically enforces specific types of blacklist policies at the earliest possible point in the packet processing pipeline, including offloading to NIC hardware whenever possible.

For more information, see the HOWTO guide and our upcoming blog post.

Namespaced NetworkSets

Global network sets have existed in Calico since v3.1.0. They provide a way to group IP addresses and apply labels to the group to be used in a global network policy.

Calico v3.7.0 introduces support for the NetworkSet resource, which allows for the same functionality but within the scope of a particular Namespace. This is useful if you want to be able to reference a set of IP addresses using a selector from a namespaced network policy resource.

For more information, see the Calico documentation.

Learn more

To find out more details about all the features and changes in Calico v3.7, check out the release notes. Or, try it out in few minutes by following the Quickstart guide.


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