Security Policy Management

A policy framework to create, test, deploy, and manage security policies.

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Automatic security policy implementation and workload isolation. Control communication between pods, namespaces and external resources

Self-Service Policy Creation

Create and deploy cluster, namespace, and workload-specific policies

Automatic Policy Recommendations

One-click to deploy recommended security policies based on traffic flows

Simplify Security Policy Workflow

Automated end-to-end workflow so teams can easily author, stage, preview, and enforce security policies

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Policy Tiers

Enforce hierarchical security policies with RBAC in each tier and delegate trust.

Set top-priority policies as guard rails to avoid interference with the microsegmentation of specific applications and namespaces.

Policy Automation

Specify security and observability as code (SOaC). SOaC uses Kubernetes primitives and declarative models using the same versioning that teams use for source code.

Ensures identical security and observability for all components, regardless of deployment, distribution, or container type.

Policy Recommendations

Quickly implement security policies with just one click—no coding necessary.

The policy engine recommends policies based on the traffic flow of your microservices. All recommended policies can be modified before enforcement.

Policy Dashboard and Audit Reports

Get real-time metrics on how policies are being evaluated within and across policy tiers.

View all active and inactive security policies for your Kubernetes cluster with a hierarchy based on roles and permissions in one interface. Export detailed policy change log reports for audit and compliance purposes.

Staged Policies and Impact Preview

Preview and stage policies prior to policy enforcement to secure workloads and understand policies’ impact on the application’s performance and security posture.

Obtain immediate feedback on policy rule changes before enforcing in the production environment.

Available on Microsoft Azure and AWS Marketplace

Get started right away on Azure or AWS—every Calico component you need to get up and running is ready to go.

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Rafay provides Calico to customers by default. Without Calico, our customers would need to go through a lengthy and invasive process of re-provisioning their clusters in order to enforce granular networking and security and flexible IPAM for multi-tenant clusters.
Mohan Atreya
Senior VP of Product and Solutions,
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